Wall Hangings

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Moonglow -15%


Colorful, hand painted artwork on canvas that is stretched and attached to wooden stretching bars. ..

$549.99 $467.49

Scenic Vista -15%

Scenic Vista

This scenic artwork is a hand painted oil that has been done on crackled canvas. The canvas has been..

$499.99 $424.99

Trajectory -15%


Add a splash of colors to your wall with these rich abstracts. These prints are accented by heavy wo..

$449.99 $382.49

Natural History -15%

Natural History

Prints are printed on gray, oatmeal linen fabric. Frames have taupe undertones with multiple shades ..

$449.99 $382.49

Rhubarb and Artichoke -15%

Rhubarb and Artichoke

Prints are accented by white linen mats with burnished pewter fillets around inner edge. Black satin..

$439.99 $373.99

Playing Field -15%

Playing Field

Textured, hand painted artwork on canvas that has been stretched and attached to wooden stretchers...

$399.99 $339.99

Mozambique -15%


Prints are accented by tan mats. Warm champagne frames and matching fillets complete the artwork. ..

$399.99 $339.99

Swirls in Blue -15%

Swirls in Blue

Hand painted on canvas, this abstract artwork features vivid shades of blue. This artwork is stretch..

$379.99 $322.99

Fabricues Lamp -15%

Fabricues Lamp

This decorative, wall candleholder is made of hand forged metal finished in a heavily distressed, ol..

$379.99 $322.99

Chloe Wall Mirror -15%

Chloe Wall Mirror

Deep and iridescent, our Chloe wall mirror stands apart. It’s intricate and contemporary, a definiti..

$379.99 $322.99

Stormy Night -15%

Stormy Night

This frameless, hand painted oil on canvas is stretched and attached to wood stretching bars. May be..

$349.99 $297.49

Stacked Stone -15%

Stacked Stone

Rich earth tone colors are used in this abstract hand painted artwork on canvas. Canvas is stretched..

$349.99 $297.49

Blue Angel -15%

Blue Angel

Hand painted on canvas, then stretched and attached to wooden stretching bars...

$349.99 $297.49