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Make Your Home Office Magazine-approved

Make Your Home Office Magazine-approved

Before you begin flipping your kitchen, make sure you have cleaned out any unwanted or expired food. It would be pointless to rearrange your kitchen area with the food you no longer need or want. It’s best to start fresh and organize only what you need!


Matching set of file cabinets - Texas Furniture Hut

The Organized One

Whether you are jus...

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12 Powerful Homemade Furniture Polish Recipes & Tips

Wood furniture is wonderful for so many reasons. Solid wood has a classic look that never goes out of style and it’s extremely durable. Even maintaining wood furniture can be fairly easy to do with simple items found throughout the house! That’s right! Everyday items can create quality homemade furn...

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Easy Additional Kitchen Storage

For many, the kitchen can be the perfect at-home getaway where you get to feel inspired, create, and whip up new and vintage dishes for family, friends, or even yourself. From the sweet sound of a sharp knife chopping away to the rich scent of whatever you happen to be making that day, your kitchen ...

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Shopping for Sofa Fabrics
Shopping for a new sofa can be exciting. As furniture is usually kept for quite some time, incorporating a new piece can be thrilling. Once you have set yourself a reasonable budget, and have an idea of the type of silhouette you would like for your home, it’s time to consider sofa fabric types befo...
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Decorate for Spring without Spending a Ton
With the warmth finally moving back in, you can finally set up your home to reflect a bright, cheery atmosphere. One of the best aspects of having a spring-inspired home means incorporating light colors, usually in the form of modern pieces, which is a hot home pick right now. Bit by bit, we’ll show...
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Spring House Cleaning Checklist
Does the sound of cleaning your home for spring stress you out? If your palms are starting to sweat, you can take a deep breath and feel at ease. There’s no real need to worry! By casting a day or two aside in your schedule to put in a little elbow grease, your home will be clean in no time at all. ...
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Finding Pet-Friendly Furniture
Animals can bring a ton of joy and love into a home. Whether you have a dog and cat, or rabbit and reptile, all can wreak havoc on your favorite furniture pieces. Does that mean you need to settle for cheap furniture to appease your pet? Absolutely not! These days there are a variety fabric options ...
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Different Styles of Window Treatments

Looking for the right way to incorporate natural light into your home? There are a few great options for window treatments when table lamps and established light fixtures just aren’t cutting it. Natural light can not only make your space look great, it can also improve your mood to give you the extr...

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Fast Furniture: A Bad Trend that Needs to Stop

If you’ve heard of the term “fast fashion” then you might know where this blog might be heading. Fast fashion is a big problem of its own with the underpaid workers, excessive amount of material waste, and overuse of scarce resources. Unfortunately, a similar thing is happening with furniture.


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Packing Up Holiday Decorations

Before you look around the house and start feeling overwhelmed about putting away holiday decorations, take a deep breath because we’ve got you covered. Packing up the remnants of holidays can take a toll on you and your family. Not to worry! Here are a few ways you can pack it all up more efficient...

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