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4 Ways to Clean Furniture Correctly

4 Ways to Clean Furniture Correctly

Are you using an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down granite countertops? What about products that contain certain levels of bleach? You could be making some major cleaning mistakes and not be fully aware of how it can be ruining your newly purchased furniture. Invest in the right techniques combined with the appropriate products to help keep your home neat and tidy.

Here are 4 common cleaning mistakes people make when they have bought new furniture and are not quite sure how to care for it properly.

Read the instructions

Seriously! If a large tag attached to your new piece looks unsightly, go ahead and take it off but save the contents by creating a folder or drawer somewhere in your home where they can easily be found. That way, when you’re ready to clean, you can refer back to those tags on how to do so correctly.

Keep stone pristine

Granite countertops can make a room look refined and unique but if not treated properly, granite surfaces can look dull, and washed out. Avoid bleach or harsh acidic cleaners—including solutions with orange or lemon—on your granite. Instead, opt for a mild soap and warm water when wiping down your sealed granite countertops. A microfiber cloth should do just fine. If you would like to go the extra step, purchase a specialized granite cleaner.

Avoid wood wear

Gently remove dust on your wood furniture with a duster that can remove the mess without dispersing it in the air. Getting rid of dust first can help reduce allergens and create a solid foundation for cleaning the wood. Next, be sure to avoid using water and multi-purpose cleaners to clean your wood furniture. They can ruin the finish and make the pieces look worn well before their time. If absolutely necessary for sticky situations, use a mild soap and warm water mixture to remove them for your wood pieces. Immediately dry after grime has been removed. To be safe, simply use a polish recommended by your furniture supplier.

Glass full of gleam

Glass can be tricky to take care of. While beautiful to look at, glass can easily gather dust and other gross contaminants you don’t want to see. Avoid hard chemicals when attempting to clean your glass items so they don’t dim in appearance. A microfiber towel will reduce the amount of annoying streaks when wiping glass surfaces down as well.  A final rinse of water mixed with a touch of vinegar will give it a striking shine.

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