Universal Furniture constructs their pieces around functionality within each design. When selecting items from Universal Furniture, you can opt for more contemporary items made from superior fabrics that can adapt to a modern sense of style. Join us in store to see if our premier selection of Universal Furniture in Houston is right for you and your lifestyle.

By using various textures in each carefully upholstered piece, Universal Furniture strikes chords of modern elegance with every item they design from living and dining room, to bedroom sets, and more. With articles available in an upholstery gradient of neutral shades from milk white to cool grey and charcoal, Universal Furniture makes it simple to keep your personal dream design in tact. You can build a look around a pop of accent colors, or stick to a clean palette of off-white tones. Survey through each collection and try a more traditional look in addition to some of Universal’s more contemporary designs.

When looking for furniture that reflects a bold sense of style with a polished touch, Universal Furniture can help make your house look and feel sophisticated with minimal effort.When you shop Universal Furniture in Houston with us at Texas Furniture Hut, you are entering into a world where luxury meets affordability in a seamless fashion. We are proud to offer quality pieces that fit your lifestyle, and make your space a warm and inviting place you can call home.